The Human Resources (HR) Section manages personnel matters, recruitment, training, logistics and administrative support for the Ministry.

The Section is responsible for staff recruitment and training as well as any related capacity building initiatives and exercises for the Ministry’s staff.

As such, the Section is responsible for helping the Corporate Services Department achieve its goal to “develop and implement a staff training and capacity building plan” as stated in the Ministry’s Corporate Plan 2014-2017.

In recognition of the need to adequately staff the Ministry to competently carry out its tasks at both the national and international levels, the Section is also responsible for ensuring that there is a constant up-skilling of staff and a training programme in place for new recruits.

The plan will form the basis of MFAET’s Human Resource Policy which is currently being developed by the Human Resources Section in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Service, the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.