Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Hon. Jeremiah Manele and senior officials from the Ministry with the owner of SAPE farm, Dr Paul Bosowai and his workers at the farm last Friday





THE Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Hon. Jeremiah Manele has paid a visit to the SAPE farm on north Guadalcanal last Friday.

The Minister was able to see work currently being done to build a pack-house that would assist the farm prepare cassava products to produce flour and frozen cassava for export to Australia and New Zealand.

SAPE farm is one of the recipients of funding provided through MFAET by the Solomon Islands Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) Enhanced Capacity for Agriculture Trade (ECAT) project.

Minister of MFAET, senior ministry officials with Dr Paul Bosowai Popora during a visit to the SAPE farm last Friday

The project will soon be delivering processing equipment’s for the farm. These equipment’s will enable them to produce casava for export and also casava flour. The processing equipment’s are now in country and will be delivered to Sape soon.

Owner of SAPE farm and local entrepreneur Dr Paul Bosowai Popora acknowledged the visit of Minister Manele to his farm.

Dr Paul thanked MFAET for its continuous support through the EIF on the work to build the pack-house which is expected to be handed over around April.

Dr Paul Bosowai Popora giving the Minister of MFAET and his senior officials a tour of the SAPE farm pack house which is scheduled to open in April

He said when the pack-house is operational it could store up to 6000 kilograms of cassava per day or more depending on its storage capacity.

SAPE farm already has established markets for its cassava products in Melbourne, Australia and New Zealand.

Construction work on the SAPE farm pack house is continuing  

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