Under PICTA, Solomon Islands has made reciprocal commitments on trade in goods to the other Forum Island Country (FIC) members. Solomon Islands signed on to PICTA on the 6 August 2002.

The Agreement has entered into effect between some of the signatories. However, Solomon Islands has not yet ratified and indicated its readiness to trade under the agreement.

Negotiations of the PICTA Trade in Services Protocol (PICTA TIS) were completed in 2012. Ten of the fourteen FICs have signed, including Solomon Islands, but the Protocol has not yet entered into force. Solomon Islands is yet to ratify the Protocol. When the Protocol enters into force, it will provide for preferential trade in services among the parties, albeit on a fairly narrow range of services (in the areas of professional, telecommunications, construction, financial, tourism and transportation services) and with more expansive safeguards provisions than are found in many trade in services agreements.