The Asia and Africa Political Desk is one of the five political divisions within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade that oversees the facilitation, management and running of Solomon Islands’ bilateral relations in the Asia and Africa inclusive of the Middle East region. The AA Political Desk works closely with Solomon Islands diplomatic Missions abroad and bilateral partner countries, in the Asia and Africa region. At present, Solomon Islands have twenty-eight (28) diplomatic and bilateral partners in the Asia region and sixteen (16) in the Africa region.

Strategic role and responsibility of the AAME political branch

The ultimate role of the Political Desk is to uphold and strengthen Solomon Islands diplomatic engagements in the regions mentioned above on social, development, trade, economic, and political related issues. Similarly, the AA Political Desk is mandated to pursue Solomon Islands Governments' interests and maximize the country’s engagement benefits with the different countries that have bilateral ties with Solomon Islands

AAME Staff List

The AA political branch is currently manned by the following officers



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Mr Walter Diamana

Assistant Secretary  

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Mr Jones Taungani Soreh

Senior Desk Officer 

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