The following are Mission Stations for the Solomon Islands based outside of the Solomon Islands and Foreign Missions and Embassies and Honorary Consuls based in the Solomon Islands.

Mission Stations

NamePositionPhoneResident Country
H.E. Collin BeckH.E. Collin BeckHigh Commissioner +612 6282 7030


H.E. Joseph WalenesiaAmbassador+886 228 731 168 [Chancery]

Republic of China

H.E. Mr. Barnabas AngaH.E. Mr. Barnabas AngaHigh Commissioner+675 3234 333 [Chancery]

Papua New Guinea

H.E. Mr. Patteson OtiH.E. Mr. Patteson OtiHigh Commissioner+679 310 0355

Republic of Fiji

H.E. Mr. Robert SisiloH.E. Mr. Robert SisiloAmbassador+121 2599 6192 / +121 2599 6193

Solomon Islands Permanent Representative to the United Nations

H.E. Mr. Moses MoseH.E. Mr. Moses MoseAmbassador+322 732 7085


H.E. Mr. Simeon BouroH.E. Mr. Simeon BouroAmbassador+206 5300


Mr. Barret SalatoMr. Barret SalatoCharge d'affaires+412 2730 1715


H.E. Joy KereH.E. Joy KereHigh Commissioner+640 4472 2912

New Zealand

H.E. Mr. Victor NgeleH.E. Mr. Victor NgeleHigh Commissioner+603 2169 7440 / +603 2169 7450


H.E. Mr. Salana KaluH.E. Mr. Salana KaluAmbassador+622 129 546 816

Republic of Indonesia

Mr. Trevor UnusuMr. Trevor UnusuChargé d’affaires+ 44 (0) 203 776 0128

United Kingdom

Foreign Missions

NamePositionPhoneResident Country
H.E. Mr. David Ward H.E. Mr. David Ward High Commissioner+677 21705

Solomon Islands

H.E. Mr. Roderick BrazierH.E. Mr. Roderick BrazierHigh Commissioner+677 21561

Solomon Islands

H.E. Mr. Tim BreeseHigh Commissioner (Acting)+677 21502

Solomon Islands

H.E. Mr. Fred YakasaH.E. Mr. Fred YakasaHigh Commissioner+677 20561

Solomon Islands

H.E. Mr. Roger Tien-hung LuoH.E. Mr. Roger Tien-hung LuoAmbassador+677 38050 / 1 / 2

Solomon Islands

H.E. Mr. Kenichi KimiyaH.E. Mr. Kenichi KimiyaAmbassador+677 22953

Solomon Islands

H.E. Mr. Leonidas TezapsidisH.E. Mr. Leonidas TezapsidisHead of Delegation+677 22765 / +677 22767

Solomon Islands

Honorary Consuls

The following are the Honorary Consuls in the Solomon Islands.

NamePositionPhoneResident Country
Mr. Atueta BalekanaHonorary Consul +677 36213

Solomon Islands

Mr. Durk Kee Kim Honorary Consul+677 28292

Solomon Islands

Mr. Gerald StenzelHonorary Consul+677 20363

Solomon Islands

Mr. Hii Yii GingHonorary Consul+677 39988

Solomon Islands

Mr. Leliana FirisuaHonorary Consul

Solomon Islands

Mr. Reginald DouglasHonorary Consul

Solomon Islands

Mr. Yoshi Yukio SatoHonorary Consul+677 21620

Solomon Islands

Mr. Kutila PintoNot Available

Solomon Islands

Keithie SaundersConsular Agent+677 23426

Solomon Islands