The importance of trade in achieving sustainable economic growth and the development of the economy is well understood by the Solomon Islands Government. As an isolated archipelago, trade has been the backbone of our society for generations and has helped overcome inherent vulnerabilities, whilst opening up many new possibilities for the people of Solomon Islands.

The Department of External Trade, with support from other government ministries, private sector and civil society is responsible for setting and coordinating the implementation of trade policies in the economy. Trade is not limited to any one area, nor is it the responsibility of any one ministry. It requires the effective coordination of all sectors and individuals in the economy to ensure a suitable environment for trade is created and supported.

Under trade and development, DET has a number of responsibilities, including the management of Solomon Islands’ Aid for Trade programmes through the Enhanced Integrated Framework - National Implementation Unit. The department aims to tackle supply-side constraints to trade in support of the Solomon Islands Government’s National Development Strategy 2016-2035 goal of promoting economic growth, sustainable development and poverty reduction.

DET is also responsible for coordinating the production and implementation of key trade policy documents, namely the Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) and the Trade Policy Framework (TPF). More information on these can be found in the relevant sections, by clicking on the links below.

The Secretariat of the National Trade Development Council (NTDC) sits in the Department of External Trade, which coordinates NTDC meetings. Further information on the functions of the NTDC can be found in the link below.

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