Senior Officials and stakeholders from Nine Pacific Countries participating under the New Zealand Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme are currently attending a five day forum in Auckland, New Zealand.

The RSE Pre- departure (PD) and Strengthening Pacific Partnership (SPP) Forum phase two which started on Monday has two phases, firstly for senior officials to go through a draft Pre departure tool kit and secondly to look at the recently launched SPP phase two program.

Pre Departure (PD) briefings are an essential component of the RSE scheme and the development of a tool kit to carry out this component is crucial.

The new PD tool kit is being developed to meet the requirements of all nine participating Countries under the RSE scheme and thus the contribution of senior officials is crucial in the development part of the tool kit.

The senior officials from the nine countries are in Auckland to give their inputs as to how the tool kit should be standardised to suit all participating countries in the RSE.

It will enable key messages to be conveyed to workers, prior to their departure for New Zealand, about the New Zealand working and living environment, and the expectations of New Zealand key stakeholders including RSE employers and government officials.

Senior Officials used the first two days to go through the Tool kit while the remaining three days was used by the officials to go through the Strengthening Pacific Partnership (SPP) phase two.

SPP supports Pacific Island countries to be effective labour sending countries, thereby enabling economic and social benefits for workers’ families and communities through remittances and skills.

The second phase of the SPP responds to PICs calls for labour mobility opportunities beyond the RSE scheme.

The forum which will end on Friday (Today) was organized and facilitated by the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Solomon Island is being represented at the forum by Deputy Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Mr. Joseph Maáhanua, Solomon Islands High Commissioner to New Zealand, Her Excellency Mrs. Joy Kere and Senior Trade officer within MFAET, Mr. Nigel Sandy.