The Acting Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga has thanked the Solomon Islands High Commissioner to New Zealand Her Excellency Mrs Joy Kere for progressing the interests of Solomon Islands in New Zealand.

High Commissioner Kere is currently in Honiara to update the Government on the progresses made by the High Commission Office in Wellington, especially, on areas of common interest between the two countries.

Since the establishment of the Solomon Islands Mission in New Zealand in 2014, a number of key bilateral issues have been progressed to date.

These included strengthening of development cooperation with New Zealand that enhances cooperation in the areas of Fisheries, Civil Aviation, Education, Trade and Labour Mobility.

To enhance trade between the two countries, Mrs Kere said her Office is working on arrangements to open up a Trade Mission to provide consular services to Solomon Islanders that have trade interests in New Zealand.

She added that her Office is currently working on arrangements with New Zealand to tap into the Semi-Skilled labour market, particularly, in the area of Fisheries.

The other area that the New Zealand Mission is working towards is to establish a Business Forum that will forge greater partnerships between business houses in the two countries.

Meanwhile, the Acting Prime Minister Maelanga has expressed the Government’s satisfaction with the efforts of the High Commission’s Office for advancing the interests of Solomon Islands in New Zealand.

“New Zealand is an important Development Partner of Solomon Islands and your presence and the role you played is critical to advancing our mutual interests with New Zealand,” Mr Maelanga said.

Mr Maelanga added that the Government is working on further strengthening the recruitment processes for our Seasonal Workers intending to work in New Zealand under the Labour Mobility programme.