Hon. Jeremiah Manele

Solomon Islands Foreign Minister, the Hon. Jeremiah Manele registered his disappointment on the statement issued by Malaita Province Premier, the Hon Daniel Suidani on Monday when the Premier made reference to the Republic of China as a state rather than a province of the People’s Republic of China.

Solomon Islands recognize one China policy as of 21st September 2019 when it signed diplomatic relations with People’s Republic of China. Taiwan is an integral part of the People’s Republic of China’s territory.

Such divisive statement from a Provincial Premier threatens the unity of the country at a time when we need to work together in keeping COVID-19 from entering our borders and not politicize the virus.

Ministry is also investigating possible external interference into Solomon Islands domestic affairs.  This is after the Ministry received a call from DHL seeking confirmation whether a certain private citizen is a member of staff of the MFAET.

There are three DHL consignments supposedly sent from a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan to an individual at Kaibia Settlement, Central Honiara. All DHL packages remains unclaimed, items include medical masks, infrared Thermal Imaging Camera and other equipment.  

Minister Manele calls for respect for government’s foreign policy and urge those who continue to make provocative and inflammatory statements to stop and work towards building a strong united country